CVCA slashes Mayfield 4-0

Story written by Tim Whelan —


CVCA took Mayfield in the Baron Cup Bracket III Semi-Finals. Both teams came out sluggish to start, but CVCA quickly grab control of the game. CVCA’s overall dominance lead to 4-0 victory.

CVCA came out firing in the first period, getting an early penalty advantage to start the game. CVCA failed to capitalize on the advantage. Both teams played at a fast pace the entire first period, though it was a sloppy start to the game. CVCA was able to get on the board late in the first period, taking the lead 1-0. Goal was scored by No. 2  Junior Bailey McRitchie, assist was credited to No. 13 Senior Christian Beckett.

Second period began with CVCA controlling the puck in the Mayfield Zone. CVCA put up many shots up early, but failed to capitalize. Mayfield also had several opportunities mid way through the second period but also failed to get on the board. CVCA was able to get two late goals in the period, adding to their lead of 3-0. Goals were scored by No. 2 Junior Bailey McRitichie, No. 75 Junior Hayden Dickerson. Which gives him the hat trick after two periods.

Both teams started with a player in the penalty box. Neither team was able to get anything going. Third period started off sloppy. Mayfield started the third period in the CVCA zone, but failed to get the puck in the net. Mid way through the final period, CVCA was able to add to their lead with a goal from No. 61 Noah Polanski. Giving CVCA a lead of 4-0.

CVCA will now move onto the Baron Cup Finals. They will face the winner of Brooklyn vs Aurora. Game time is at 1 pm, Sunday.





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