Dog check! For the first time in 26 years, the Cleveland Browns are 4-1 coming off another immense win against the Indianapolis Colts in week 5 of the 2020/21 season. The Browns toppled the Colts 23-32.

The last time the Browns were 4-1 Bill Belichick was their coach and Vinny Testaverde was QB. The year was 1994.

 Baker Mayfield had a QBR of 85.3 completing 21/37 passes, throwing for 247 yards, and 2 interceptions. Although Baker threw 2 picks last game those were his first since week 2 against the Bangles.

Baker’s favorite target Jarvis Landry had 4 reception for 88 yards off of 9 targets.

Early in the first quarter Jarvis endured a big hit and made a visit to the medical tent giving Browns fans across Ohio a scare. Landry has had a fair amount of time on the browns injury report with his hip and as we look at the tape that’s where it seemed the hit took place. Jarvis ultimately returned to the game with what they said was allegedly “getting the wind knocked out of him”. Hopefully, it was nothing more than that.

The browns go into week 6 on a 4 game win streak with all of the momenta they need to go to war with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Although Pittsburgh is 4-0 they have not been tested this year, with all of their opponents having a combined record of 3-15-1.

This is a monumental game for the Browns this season as fans are loving the new look of the Browns they are still very skeptical for they know