Trouble In Paradise

Embarrassed, disgruntled, below average, subpar, unprepared, damaging these are some of the more pleasant words to describe the Cleveland Browns last Sunday as they were completely dismantled by the Pittsburgh Steelers losing 38-7 in this division match up pushing their record to 4-2 and keeping them ranked 3rd in the AFC north.
Baker Mayfield was going into the game labeled as questionable but ultimately made the start. Baker was on the back end of a lot of big hits and with his already ready injured ribs in question and playing as poor as he was head coach Kevin Stefanski benched baker late 3rd quarter for veteran backup Case Keenum.
On Baker’s first drive of the game, he threw a pick 6 to Mica Fitzpatrick and it was all downhill from there.
Baker went 10-18 for 119 yards. He threw 2 picks and was sacked 4 times.
Do we think the injury is what prevented baker from having a good game or is it time to move on and not waste the talent this Brown’s team has?
With the loss of Nick Chubb, the Cleveland offense has been stagnant.
The body language of Cleveland’s wide receiver core makes it seem as they will not put up with Baker’s inability to make a play downfield much longer.
OBJs energy told a story watching on the sidelines arguing with fans with no cleats on his feet.
Although the browns only have two losses the combined score of those losses is 76-13. The Browns defense has not been able to hold a team under 20 points all season. The good teams score on us and so do the bad.
Before this week’s game the questions were “Are the Browns the real deal”, “Can the Browns be contenders” now the questions are “Is baker the right fit for this team”, “is Baker toxic” “Can baker be elite”.
Next week the Browns face the Cincinnati can they keep the same energy they had before losing Pittsburgh?