Shake And Bake

After a demoralizing defeat against the Pittsburgh Steelers, most Cleveland Browns fans and mainstream media called for Baker Mayfield’s head going into the week 7 game against the Cincinnati Bengals and nearly impaled Baker after starting the game 0-5 with 1 Int in the first quarter.

To make matters worse on the first drive of the game Baker targets Odell Beckham Jr on a deep fly pattern which was picked off by Darius Phillips. Obj trying to make a play chases Philips down to make the tackle but gets injured in the process with what appeared to be a knee injury. Beckham was evaluated and would not return to the game. Everyone was later informed that Odell would be out for the season with a torn ACL. 

After a miserable first quarter, some Browns fans did not lose hope. During the game, All Sports Cleveland asked some fans their thoughts on Baker. When Browns fan Colin Maddock was asked he responded with “I’m not taking off this jersey. I’m not ready to give up on Baker. He is the first Browns QB I felt has the energy and demeanor to lead a team into battle.” Colin’s feelings were mutual amongst the interviewed group but one fan who Preferred not to be named felt the complete opposite saying “bench Baker” “he is not our future” “Keenum knows the system Baker is just Manziel 2.0”. Social media felt the same about Baker as the unnamed fan.

So how did Baker Mayfield Respond after that horrific first quarter? By doing something Browns fans have never seen before breaking a franchise record for most consecutive passes in a row with 21. Baker went 22-23 to finish the game with his only incompletion being a spike late fourth quarter.

Mayfield went on an absolute tear throwing for 297 yards and five touchdowns three of those touchdowns being go-ahead fourth-quarter TDs to lead the Brown to a 37-34 victory over Cincinnati. It was as if Baker leveled up after the first quarter and unlocked some new badges for his MyPlayer.

Baker finished the Game with a 91.2 QBR.

This performance comes after the browns number one receiver going down.

This now brings speculation that trying to force the ball to Odell was holding the browns back and if true what’s next for the superstar wideout. All the stats show that Baker is a better Qb without obj in the game.

If you think the browns aren’t the real deal here is some stats that might help change your mind.

Before Baker arrived to the Browns their record was 4-45-1 in their last 50 games.

Baker’s career record is 18-19 with 3 different offenses and 4 different head coaches.

Although Baker still has to prove himself against the elite teams the Browns are 5-2 going into week 8.

If you’re still not impressed with this season so far take a look at the teams with more wins than the Browns.

The list consists of the Steelers and the Chiefs that’s it.

So Browns fans fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the rollercoaster ride because this opportunity doesn’t come along often.

We usually don’t have tickets to this park.