2019 NBA Draft Jaret Andrews Memorial Big Board

The 2019 NBA draft is viewed mostly as a 3 player draft. I tend to disagree. In terms of star potential, it isn’t the strongest, but could be a solid draft looking back five years from now when evaluating the best role players in the league.

Players in the mid to late first round could turn out to be strong contributors at the next level. I took the liberty of listing out my top 40 prospects of this draft. A lot of players, later on, have a good amount to be excited about. With the Cavs holding a late first round pick, this list might give some clarity on the options on the table at 26.

#1 – Zion Williamson – PF Duke   Comp: Uber athletic Julius Randle


  • Check Twitter


  • Jumpshot a big question mark
  • Frame may be an issue (285 lbs)
  • Tweener (6’7)

#2 – Ja Morant – PG Murray State     Comp: John Wall / Russell Westbrook


  • Super Athlete
  • Dynamic Playmaker (10apg)
  • Improved Shooter (30%-37% Fr-Soph)
  • Good Finisher at the rim


  • Still needs to improve as a shooter
  • Competition Level

#3 – RJ Barrett – SG/SF Duke    Comp: Zach Lavine / Victor Oladipo


  • Good Size (6’7 202)
  • Solid Playmaker (4.3apg)
  • Can find his own shot
  • Great athlete
  • Defensive potential with athleticism and length


  • Inconsistent shooter (30.8% 3pt)
  • Needs to Improve decision making (Led NCAA in charges)

#4 – Jarrett Culver – SG/SF Texas Tech   Comp: Andrew Wiggins / Harrison Barnes


  • Good athlete
  • Strong finisher, doesn’t shy away from contact
  • Solid jumpshot
  • Can shoot off the dribble
  • Solid defender already, with potential to be elite due to frame and athleticism


  • Not an elite ball handler
  • Jump shot mechanics inconsistent
  • Struggled against elite collegiate competition.

#5 – Cam Reddish – SF Duke        Comp: Paul George


  • Silky, repeatable jumpshot
  • Smooth game, passes the eye test
  • Solid ball handler
  • Glides to the rim
  • Great Size (6’8 7foot wingspan) / dynamic athlete
  • Can pull up from anywhere
  • Can handle the ball on pick and roll
  • Good passer


  • Jumpshot inconsistent
  • Showed glimpses of brilliance, but also like he didn’t belong on court
  • Disappeared at times
  • Bad finishing at the rim when met with contact

#6 – Darius Garland – PG Vanderbilt     Comp: Damian Lillard


  • Jitterbug quickness
  • Elite Pull Up Shooter extended out to three point range(48%3pt)
  • Can create own shot or play off the ball, running off screens
  • Creative moves in the lane


  • Not an imposing presence, does not play above rim
  • Struggles at the rim against length/size
  • Not an elite passer (13 assists to 15 turnovers)
  • Small Sample Size

#7 DeAndre Hunter – SF Virginia    Comp: Bojan Bogdanovic / Robert Covington


  • Elite Defender
  • Can Defend up to 3 maybe even 4 positions
  • Can move to a stretch 4 when needed
  • Sweet Stroke
  • 3 and D ability makes him a contributor right away


  • Low Ceiling, what you see is what you get
  • Good Size but not the best athlete
  • Slow First step
  • Not a dependable isolation scorer

#8 Bol Bol – C Oregon      Comp: Unicorn


  • Ridiculous length (7’2 with 7’8 wingspan)
  • Knock down shooter (52%3pt)
  • Great handle for size
  • Weakside shot blocker (2.7bpg)
  • Quick first step
  • Finishes at the rim
  • Pick and Pop/roll guy


  • Measured in at 208 lbs!!!
  • Questions about consistent effort and commitment to the game
  • Won’t be strong enough to handle legit centers at next level
  • Foot injury not a good sign
  • Super talented, but too risky to be taken in the lottery

#9 Coby White – PG North Carolina     Comp: Collin Sexton / Eric Bledsoe


  • Bucket getter
  • Great finisher around the rim
  • Solid shooter, off catch and off dribble (35%3pt)
  • Broke Jordans freshman scoring record
  • Elite height, Great athlete
  • At his best in open space


  • Furthest thing from a reliable playmaker
  • Not consistent scorer (42% FG)
  • 19% turnover rate in fast break scenarios
  • Still learning how to contribute in half court
  • Lack of length and interest will limit his defensive ability
  • Negative Wingspan, small hands

#10 Sekou Doumbouya – PF France    Comp: Jerami Grant / Al Farouq-Aminu


  • Great Athlete / Size (6’9)
  • Great in transition, can handle the ball or run on wings
  • Glides around the court, can possibly defend 1-4
  • Can stretch the floor with 3 pt range
  • Solid Shotblocker, plays passing lanes very well


  • Youngest player in the draft (18 years old)
  • Wildly inconsistent with effort
  • Although jumpshot has improved, still needs work
  • Not a good passer. Finished with more turnovers than assists
  • Not the best feel for the game, should improve with time

#11 Jaxson Hayes – C Texas    Comp: Jarrett Allen / JaVale McGee


  • Long (nearly 7 foot with 7’3 wingspan)
  • Crazy athlete, easily beats other bigs down court
  • Bouncy, fast first jump and more importantly second jump
  • Super accurate down low, shot 73 % from the field, good hands+soft touch
  • Has size, length, and instinct to be a dominant defensive presence. Second best shot blocker among prospects(2.2 bpg)


  • Had issues with foul trouble (6 fouls per 40 minutes)
  • Needs to develop as a prolific rebounder
  • Needs to add Muscle, slender frame (around 225)

#12 Nassir Little – SF North Carolina      Comp: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist / OG Annunoby


  • Elite Athlete, physical specimen (6’6 220 7’1 wingspan)
  • Averaged 22 points per 40 minutes despite being behind others
  • Strong and agile making him able to play multiple positions
  • Never found stroke from 3 but has nice touch (77%FT)
  • Top high school recruit last season


  • Never really found his way at UNC and never really improved since the start of freshman year
  • Needs time to learn defensive schemes
  • Not reliable to create for himself or others
  • Defensive output didn’t match physical tools

#13 Romeo Langford – SG Indiana      Comp: Tyreke Evans


  • Prototypical size/length for modern 2 (6’6 ht 6’11 ws)
  • Good ball handler/shot creator
  • A solid athlete who can change paces quickly
  • Showed flashes of being a good defender
  • Can shoulder a heavy load offensively with scoring/playmaking


  • Sub 30% shooter from deep
  • Has length and quickness to be good defender, needs to improve quickness and toughness

#14 PJ Washington – PF Kentucky    Comp: Marvin Williams


  • Stretches floor well (42%3pt)
  • Lead UK in scoring, rebounding, and 3pt shooting (Tyler Herro)
  • Played through foot injury in Tournament to boost his team
  • Only 6’8 but has crazy length (7’2 ws)
  • Versatile scorer, pick and roll/pop, high/low post, face up
  • Tough, physical grinder who developed into a good leader


  • Couldn’t perform workouts for teams due to foot injury
  • Lacks height of a true 4
  • Negative assist to turnover ratio
  • Good length but underwhelming athlete, doesn’t play above rim

#15 Brandon Clarke – PF Gonzaga    Comp: Bouncy Tristan Thompson


  • Elite athlete
  • Best finisher around rim in college basketball (74%)
  • Quick first jump helps lack of height
  • High motor
  • Good offensive rebounder
  • Good instincts and timing leads to a lot of blocks (4.3 per 40)
  • Solid perimeter defender / active hands (1.2spg)


  • Not very long, short arms small hands
  • Won’t space the floor, only 25 career threes taken
  • Will need to improve defensively with fundamentals / gets by on instinct and athleticism

#16 Tyler Herro – SG Kentucky Comp: Austin Rivers w/ Better Jumpshot


  • Knockdown shooter
  • Good shooter off the dribble, catch and shoot, coming off screens
  • Good at reading screens
  • Strong in pick and roll situations
  • Underrated play maker
  • Good size (6’6) and scrappy defender


  • Short arms may limit him to defending only 1s. Little upside
  • Not a great athlete and not creative around the rim
  • Needs more moves around the basket
  • Shot high percentage from ft line, only 3.1 attempts per 40 minutes

#17 Kevin Porter – SG/SF USC   Comp: Ben McLemore


  • Specimen (6’6, 220, Strong, fast, quick, bouncy)
  • A load when he gets downhill
  • At his best in open space
  • Solid knockdown shooter (41%3pt)
  • Can create his own shot via pull up or step back
  • Uses threat of jump shot to take people off the bounce


  • Doesn’t do much off the ball. Seems uninterested a lot of the time
  • Good pull up shooter but not as much on catch and shoot
  • Sloppy shooting mechanics (52%FT)
  • Poor playmaker (30 assists compared to 39 turnovers)
  • Falls in love with pull up jumpers

#18 Rui Hachimura – PF Gonzaga   Comp: Longer Brandon Bass


  • Experienced player (3 years at Gonzaga)
  • Improved every season
  • Good size and length (6’8 235, long arms, big hands)
  • Strong finisher inside (Generated 8 free throws per 40)
  • Can take big forwards off dribble and small in the post
  • Shot career high from 3 his junior season (41.7%)


  • Prone to tunnel vision. More TO than assists all three seasons
  • Not a good athlete
  • Struggled shooting against better competition (shot 8/19 against Texas Tech, only two makes when being checked by Culver)
  • No clue how he shot so well. Poor mechanics. Low volume
  • Should be a better defender given physical gifts
  • Plays defense flat footed, can’t switch onto guards or fast wings limiting his versatility

#19 Cam Johnson – SG/SF North Carolina   Comp: Danny Granger


  • One of my favorite players in the draft
  • NBA ready due to Size,Shooting, and experience
  • Best shooter in this draft (40.3% career) (45.7% Sr season)
  • Always ready to shoot
  • Scores on post fades, pull ups, step backs, and contested shots
  • Strong leader, mature
  • Comfortable on offense with and without the ball


  • Super tall(6’8) but frame won’t hold up against bigger forwards
  • Performed well at combine(5th best lane agility test, 30.5in standing vert, 36.5 vert) but still not an above the rim finisher
  • Needs to work on his handling and playmaking ability
  • Old (23yo) 5 year Senior

#20 Keldon Johnson – SG/SF Kentucky   Comp: Stanley Johnson / Kentavious Caldwell-Pope


  • Good size and strength for NBA wing (6’6 215)
  • Good motor, scrappy on both sides of the ball
  • Productive rebounder (5.9rpg)
  • Has catch and shoot ability
  • Has shown ability to be a pull up shooter


  • Slow Release on the jumpshot
  • Inconsistent this season shooting especially off the dribble
  • Strong athlete but not a quick athlete
  • Only an ok distributor

#21 Goga Bitadze – C Georgia (country) Comp: mix of Dwayne Dedmon and Brook Lopez


  • Skilled 7 footer
  • Tremendous size (7’0 250 7’3 wingspan, 9’2 standing)
  • Light on his feet for his size
  • Shows potential as a weakside rim protector
  • Good pick and roll/pop player / good hands
  • Has shown potential to be a stretch 5


  • Will never be a perimeter defender
  • Slow lateral movement
  • Could improve as a passer
  • Didn’t show a consistent post game against lack luster competition
  • Seems like a fake tough guy (Kentucky)

#22 Nikeil Alexander Walker – SG Virginia Tech   Comp: less athletic Gary Harris


  • Good size for a Two-Guard (6’6)
  • Plays passing lanes very well(2.2 steals per 40 min)
  • Has a reliable jump shot when given space (38%3pt)
  • Urky jerky driver, changes speed well
  • Good playmaker, can put in pick and roll scenarios (4apg)


  • Depends on his left a lot. Exclusively drives, passes, and finishes with his left
  • Has issues penetrating defenses, not ready to be a primary ball handler
  • Not a reliable pull up jump shooter

#23 Matisse Thybulle – SG Washington Comp: Andre Roberson/Tony Allen/Marcus Smart


  • PIT. BULL.
  • 2x Naismith Defensive Player of the Year (3.5spg 2.3bpg)
  • Great size for a wing(6’6ht 7’0 ws)
  • Elite in the passing lanes
  • Can easily defend 1-3 at the next level
  • Has shown glimpses of a jump shot


  • Inconsistent jump shot, shot over 36% first 3 years but only 30% this season
  • Will never be a scorer in the league
  • Not a good ball handler or passer
  • Not a great finisher around the rim
  • Will have to adjust from the zone played by Washington

#24 KZ Okpala – SF/PF Stanford


  • Great length for a wing (6’10ht 7’2ws)
  • Frame of a post player but was the main playmaker at Stanford
  • Can attack from Isos or pick and roll
  • Glides to the rim, looks like a gazelle on the court
  • Improved 3 point shooter (37%)
  • Potential to be a versatile defender


  • Not a good passer / decision maker
  • Doesn’t have a pull up game, primarily a spot up shooter at this point
  • Lacks physicality on both ends  

#25 Darius Bazely – SF/PF Princeton High School (Cincinnati)


  • Bulked up during his season off, started to fill out his frame
  • Great length for the wing (6’9ht 7’0ws)
  • Unknown potential
  • Shows potential as a ball handler
  • Shows soft touch with jump shot
  • Has potential to be a multi-purpose defender


  • Hasn’t played in a year
  • Has soft touch but weird mechanics on shot
  • MASSIVE risk based on sample size

#26 Mfioundu Kabengele – C Florida State  Comp: Serge Ibake / Dwayne Dedmon


  • Physical Specimen
  • Big as hell (6’10ht, 7’3ws, 9’1sr, 256lbs)
  • Great agility, ability to guard perimeter
  • Potential to be stretch 5 (37%3pt)
  • Can score from the post


  • Lack of experience playing the game
  • Not a passer in the slightest (11assists in 800 minutes)
  • Not a disciplined defender (over 4 fouls per 40 minutes)
  • Jumps at everything

#27 Nic Claxton – PF/C Georgia


  • Smooth moving athlete
  • Long (near 7 foot, 7’2ws)
  • Great handles for his size. Can start breaks off rebounds
  • Shows signs of being a spot up shooter
  • Blocks shots well from weakside
  • Shown signs of being a capable perimeter defender


  • Still skinny, has frame to fill out however
  • Got overpowered easily at Georgia, not dominant on the glass
  • Game moves fast at times, poor passing decisions
  • Fell in love with the shot to often

#28 Luka Samanic – PF Croatia


  • Good size (6’11)
  • Moves well for a man his size
  • Can be a spot up shooter
  • Fast feet can allow him to cover switches on perimeter


  • Averages one more TO than assist per 40 min
  • Swiss army knife, doesn’t do anything at a great level
  • Doesn’t respond well to physicality
  • Inconsistent 3pt shot

#29 Eric Paschall – PF Villanova  Comp: athletic Anthony Tolliver / Adrien Payne


  • Explosive athlete
  • Great finisher at the rim
  • Strength and length for post d, quick feet for perimeter d
  • Solid stand still 3pt shooter (35%)


  • Streaky 3pt shooter, awkward looking shot
  • Struggles creating his own offense, not a good playmaker
  • Undersized as a big in the NBA (6’7)

#30 Grant Williams – PF Tennessee  Comp: Patrick Patterson


  • Good inside outside scoring option
  • Can feed him in the post / triple threat player (4 assists per 40)
  • Improved shooter from distance (31.8%3pt) (82%FT)
  • High IQ player. Good instincts
  • Grit and grind player. Shown glimpses of perimeter defender


  • Not the tallest or longest, affects his ability as interior defender
  • Not a dynamic athlete / plays below the rim
  • Not laterally quick
  • Improved shooter but still far from being a reliable threat

#31 Luguentz Dort – SG Arizona State   Comp: Marcus Smart


  • Not tall but has good strength and length (6’4″ ht 222 6’8 wingspan)
  • High motor and defensive ability makes him NBA ready
  • At best offensively when in open space
  • Not afraid of contact on either side of the ball
  • Has the ability to defend either guard


  • Defense comes from effort and intensity, needs to improve technique
  • Not the best at creating his own shot
  • Inconsistent 3pt shooter (31%)
  • Tends to put his head down and tunnel vision on drives

#32 Carson Edwards – PG Purdue   Comp: Patty Mills


  • Very quick, gets to the rim easily
  • In the gym range
  • Can pull up off pick and roll
  • Big time players
  • Saved his best for the tournament


  • Inconsistent pull up jump shot (36% on pull ups)
  • Size concern (6’1)
  • Sub 40% from the field last season
  • Not a prolific distributor

#33 Ty Jerome – PG/SG Virginia  Comp: Matthew Dellavadova


  • Good size, can play 1 or 2 when needed
  • Scrappy defender (1.8 steals per 40 minutes)
  • Great feel for defenses. One of the best passers in draft
  • Good catch and shoot guy (39.5%3pt for career)


  • Negative Wingspan (6’4ws 6’6 ht)
  • Bad athlete, plays well beneath the rim
  • Skill set matches PG but size and lack of mobility force him at 2
  • Not an elite pull up game

#34 Admiral Schofield – SF Tennessee  Comp: PJ Tucker / Jae Crowder


  • Dangerous catch and shoot weapon (better than 39% since soph.)
  • Has shown ability to make pull up/moving shots
  • Huge frame, may be best suited as small ball 4
  • Can guard multiple positions due to length and strength


  • Plays power ball often but is only 6’5
  • Not a great rebounder
  • Doesn’t have great feel for game (.9spg .5bpg)

#35 Bruno Fernando – C Maryland  Comp: Bismack Biyombo


  • Bruh (6’10ht 237lbs 7’4″ Wingspan 9’1″ Standing Reach)
  • Can move too to go along with his size
  • Averaged double-double at Maryland
  • Strong finisher inside


  • Turnover machine (21% TO rate)
  • Non factor on the defensive end of the floor
  • Low basketball IQ / lack of discipline

#36 Chuma Okeke – PF Auburn    Comp: Kyle Kuzma


  • Good size, length and athleticism
  • Elite 3pt shooter (38.7% last season)
  • Versatile defender (1.2bpg 1.8spg)
  • Would be a lottery pick despite injury


  • Torn ACL makes him a big risk (Will miss entire next season)
  • Won’t create his own shot
  • Doesn’t finish above the rim despite athleticism  

#37 Daniel Gafford – C Arkansas   Comp: Larry Sanders


  • Big man with great athleticism / runs floor well
  • Solid offensive rebounder
  • Plays above the rim / super bouncy
  • Good touch inside
  • Blocks shots well (3.8 blocks per 40 min)


  • Not the most physical player / effects his rebounding
  • Doesn’t have the defensive prowess his tools suggest
  • Primarily a dump off tip in, and lob guy / no playmaking or shooting ability

#38 Dylan Windler – SF Belmont   Comp: Doug McDermott


  • Shooter (43%3pt)
  • Long (6’8″ht 6’10″ wingspan)
  • Can score from anywhere in any way (spot up, off dribble, off screens)


  • Sucked against high level competition
  • Slow lateral movement
  • Not known as a defender
  • Not a prolific playmaker  

#39 Shamorie Ponds – PG St. John’s   Comp: Mario Chalmers / Brandon Jennings


  • Elite scorer (nearly 20ppg)
  • Solid playmaker (5.1apg)
  • Can shoot off the dribble / catch and shoot
  • Strong finisher inside
  • Good rebounder (4.1apg)
  • Great defender fo his size / plays passing lanes (2.6spg)


  • Small guard (6’1) limits defensive versatility
  • Can fall in love with jump shot
  • Too confident? Might be a good thing

#40  Louis King – SF Oregon   Comp: Rodney Hood


  • Excellent size and athleticism for a wing (6’8)
  • Great 3 and D upside (38.6%3pt) moves well laterally
  • Can score off pull ups and and dribble drive / solid handle
  • Good mechanics on jump shot


  • Still needs to add muscle
  • Needs to improve fundamentally on defense
  • Injury at beginning of season a concern

The Christian Cretella 2019 NBA Draft Big Board

The 2019 NBA Draft is quickly approaching and all eyes will be glued to the screen to see who their favorite team selects. While no one truly knows who will select who we do know that there are some future stars in the making although not as many as previous drafts.

There are three guys in this draft that are separated from the pack Ja Morant, Zion Williamson, and RJ Barrett. All three are coming off of huge years and have big expectations at the pro level. Then there’s you second tier guys like Jarrett Culver, Cam Reddish, and De’Andre Hunter who can be key complementary pieces to a team.

Take a look below at where the top 60 rank on my big board.

1.Ja Morant PG-Murray State

Coming out of Murray State, Morant has all the makings of a star point guard in the NBA. At 6’3 and weighing a lean 175lbs he soars above the rim with endless highlight reel dunks and is able to finish strong at the rim while using his elite speed to get by defenders. His ball handling and excellent court vision allows him to make plays for not only himself but his teammates as well. Morant will likely be a top 3 pick and could eventually be one of the top guards in the league.

2.Zion Williamson PF-Duke

At 6’7 and 285lbs Zion is a force to be reckoned with at the rim and out on the break. His superhuman frame matched with his speed and strength allows him to terrorize rims all over the country. For his size Zion has unheard of agility and is able to get out on the break and make plays for him and his teammates as well as swat shots into the 10th row on the defensive end. His quickness allows him to recover if he is beat and he is able to use his agility to get to the hoop at will. If this former Duke star is able to tune up his jumper Watch Out!

3.RJ Barrett SG/SF-Duke

This former Blue Devil is ready to take over the league and is ready to lead whatever team he joins. Hailing from Ontario,Canada RJ Barrett in many eyes is the top wing in the draft. While at Duke alongside the likes of Zion Williamson and Cam Reddish Barrett was able to put together a solid freshman year averaging 22.6ppg 7.6rpg and just over four assists while shooting nearly 50% from the field. His playmaking ability and knowledge of the game show early signs of a long star studded career in the NBA who many would love to have on their team.  

4.Jarrett Culver SG/SF-Texas Tech

Culver who is listed at 6’5 looks more like 6’7 in person and uses his length to his advantage on both ends of the floor. Culver is in many minds the best defender in the draft and is able to use his length to block shots and poke balls away which is arguably his best asset. On offense Culvers bread and butter move was his hesitation dribble that often got him that first step to blow by defenders. Culver was able to show a ton of improvement from his first year to his second while at Texas Tech. He improved his points per game average by 7.5 points and lead the Red Raiders to their first ever final four and first national championship appearance. Culver’s talents will be coveted by many teams in the draft.

5.Cam Reddish SG/SF-Duke

Reddish is one of the most interesting pieces in this years draft and has a chance to have the best NBA career out of all the draft hopefuls. The former number three ranked prospect coming out of high school played his college ball at Duke where most of the time he saw himself playing in the shadows of Barrett and Williamson, and even though he didn’t get as many touches as he would have liked (averaging only 13.5ppg) that didn’t stop him from showing off his elite athleticism and NBA potential. His three point shooting is one of the things that sets him apart from the rest and mainly his ability to catch and shoot and being able to be a threat scoring off the ball. Reddish is the perfect player to pair with another young piece to build around or to add as depth off the bench to come in and be a scorer on a team that already has a nucleus, making him one of the most desired players this years draft.  

Below is the full list of the top 60 draft prospects on my big board.

6.Coby White PG-North Carolina

7.Darius Garland PG-Vanderbilt

8.De’Andre Hunter SF-Virginia

9.Bol Bol C-Oregon

10.Jaxon Hayes PF/C-Texas

11.Rui Hachimura SF/PF-Gonzaga

12.Sekou Doumbouya SF/PF-France

13.PJ Washington PF-Kentucky

14.Brandon Clarke PF/C-Gonzaga

15.Tyler Herro SG-Kentucky

16.Romeo Langford SG/SF-Indiana

17.Nassir Little SF-North Carolina

18.Nickeil Alexander-Walker SG-Virginia Tech

19.Kevin Porter Jr. SG-USC

20.Cameron Johnson SF-North Carolina

21.Keldon Johnson SF-Kentucky

22.Goga Bitadze C-Republic of Georgia

23.Mfiondu Kabengele C-Florida State

24.Grant Williams PF-Tennessee

25.KZ Okpala SF-Stanford

26.Nicolas Claxton PF-Georgia

27.Bruno Fernando PF-Maryland

28.Darius Bazley SF-Princeton HS (OH)

29.Eric Paschall PF-Villanova

30.Matisse Thybulle SF-Washington

31.Luka Samanic PF-Croatia

32.Ty Jerome PG/SG Virginia

33.Carsen Edwards PG-Purdue

34.Luguentz Dort SG-Arizona State

35.Admiral Schofield SF-Tennessee

36.Talen Horton-Tucker SF-Iowa State

37.Chuma Okeke PF-Auburn

38.Dylan Windler SF-Belmont

39.Terence Davis SG-Ole Miss

40.Isaiah Roby PF-Nebraska

41.Daniel Gafford C-Arkansas

42.Jontay Porter C-Missouri

43.Shamorie Ponds PG-St. Johns

44.DaQuan Jeffries SG-Tulsa

45.Jalen Lecque PG-Brewster Academy (NH)

46.Zylan Cheatham PF-Arizona State

47.Deividas Sirvydis SF-Lithuania

48.Tremont Waters PG-LSU

49.Louis King SF-Oregon

50.Miye Oni SG-Yale

51.Jaylen Hoard PF-Wake Forest

52.Jordan Bone PG-Tennessee

53.Jordan Poole SG-Michigan

54.Quinndary Weatherspoon SG-Mississippi State

55.Nazreon Reid C-LSU

56.Zach Norvell Jr. SG-Gonzaga

57.Jalen McDaniels PF-San Diego State

58.Dedric Lawson PF-Kansas

59.Jared Harper PG-Auburn

60.Jaylen Hands PG-UCLA