Wild Eagle Madness Live Broadcast

Our live broadcast of the 2019 Wild Eagle Madness Thursday March 21st from 2-7pm LIVE from Wild Eagle in Broadview Heights can be heard here!

The following is our lineup of ASC personalities that will be featured during Wild Eagle Madness:

2-3pm Mark Warren, Brandon Wolf, Steve Baker & Christian Cretella

3-4pm Christian Cretella, Jonathan Fiscus, Vinnie Sclimenti & Jack Globokar

4-5pm Paul Jakubec, Dylan Sloan, Brandon Wolf & Steve Baker

5-7pm Take 3 with Mac Robinson, Jaret Andrews & Jake Underwood

Guests: Mark Warren (5:20pm)

TBA (5:40pm)

Jonathan Fiscus (6:20pm)

TBA (6:40pm)

Come on down and check out Day 1 of the NCAA Tournament at Wild Eagle Broadview Heights right off I-77 and Route 82. Enjoy the great happy hour food and drinks, enjoy the best game room in the land and enjoy the games and hopefully your brackets!